Organise a Community Cleanup

Cleanup your neighbourhood on World Cleanup Day

The nationwide cleanups are a demonstration of communities and groups all over Nepal leading the cleanliness of the environments they live, work and play in. It is quite simple– register as a local or national partner to facilitate mass cleanup events in your city. These joint, tangible, positive actions will influence and educate others in our communities and will provide inspiration to care for the environment.

What to do before 15 September 2018?

1. Register your cleanup with us: You can do this online or by giving our team a call. It’s super easy to register help online just click the button below. Alternatively, call Clean up Nepal on 01 4373175 or 9823083505. We’ll then send you useful information and promote your event on our website and through social media.

2. Engage community individuals, groups and leaders: Organise a meeting to generate interest and discuss your ideas and action plan for the event.

3. Identify a site that the community would like to cleanup: Prepare logistics – gloves, masks, bags, and a waste collector and scrap dealer to take away all your collected waste!

4. Advertise your event through social media and local media such as newspapers, radio.

5. Plan how you will make the event fun and attract people to join in – you could probably organise a community football/cricket match, talent or music show after your clean up, have a key speaker come and open the event, the options are endless.

6. Go one step further and organise a training session: It could focus on the issues of waste burning, or about recycling, reuse and reducing waste or maybe work to set-up some composting bins in your community.

Download Cleanup and Waste Management Resources

What to do after 15 September 2018?

1. Share your photos on social media and with local media:

Post them on facebook and do not forget to tag Clean up Nepal (@cleanupnepal) and use the hashtags #NationwideCleanup2018 #WorldCleanupDay #Letsdoitworld

2. Feel good about all the compliments and praise you receive.

3. Send us your data and some photos so that we can give you lots of compliments and praise too!

4. Discuss with leaders in your community about what education, information and tools are needed to manage waste better and prevent dumping again. Contact us if you want to discuss anything.

Are you ready to make an impact?

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